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As you learn to listen, realize a true prayer garden is not always a time or place, but deep within, an empty spot at the fire pit awaiting a visit.

Between Pulpit and Piano

Does my life reflect Your Glory?

Slow Down

Slow down, He says. Don’t work so hard. Read more. Write more. Sing more. Rub your wife’s feet more. Breathe.

Clay Doesn’t Get to Choose

Clay does in fact get to choose: Whose Hands we allow to form us.


I am grateful that God sees all the bruises we try to hide, both inside and out, and can heal them with a touch.

Struggling to My Knees

Staring as raindrops pelt my window, tapping out their rhythmic chant that seizes my aching heart. The drops gather and race past, carrying with them remnants of dust and springtime pollen.  Similar drops well up in my eyes and trickle down my cheeks as my hands tremble. The day has been chaotic, a culmination of …

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I Looked in the Pages

I am still trusting, still looking through the pages and still looking down on my knees

I Am They

This band found their way through the virtual jukebox that is my computer, through my headphones into my heart. The first track that struck me was “My Feet are on the Rock”(Listen Here). A high energy praise song with great harmonies and some banjo mixed in for a little bluegrass flavor. My music plays in …

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Quo Vadis – Where Are You Going?

A Latin phrase meaning “Where are you going?” Its modern usage is attributed to a passage from early Christian writings called “The Acts of Peter.” Upon the urging of his friends, Peter leaves Rome to avoid being captured and killed. As he was leaving, he saw a risen Jesus returning to Rome. Peter said, “Domine …

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We recently received great news on an upcoming project. The proposal took a herculean effort from our team. Many stepped way out of their comfort zone to make this happen. Win or lose, a job well done is a victory in itself. But of course, winning made it better. Yet in the midst of the …

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